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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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buckets in parts of the shenandoah valley and a state of emergency is now in effect. >> what who are ismore is there to come, doug? >> showers making their way in. this humid, soupy atmosphere we can get heavier downpours continuing. look at the radar now show what you is happening the last 12 hours, warrington, fredericksburg, making its way out toward the chesapeake. but once again, start back here. look at shenandoah county really seeing that very heavy rain coming down culpepper seeing that heavy rain. this area down on through our southwestern portions of the viewing area and right now, we are still deeming with a flood warning in this area. that includes shenandoah county parts of warren and page county, rappahannock and culpepper counties, a flood warning in affect until 5:30. rapid rise in streams occurred but seeing flooding on some of those areas. now, we industrial rain back to the west romney hampshire and
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hardy counties in west virginia but also some shower activity in and around howard county, on through fairfax prince william county, showers out there that will be the case as we move on through the night. i'm not talking about any widespread heavy rain tonight. we could see areas of heavy downpours. we will keep you posted on that in a minute. >> all right. people in woodstock, virginia, woke up to flooded homes and cars and streets following all the rain they got overnight. news4's zachary kiesch joins us live from wood park lane community in woodstock. zach, we understand people are trying to salvage what they can right now. >> reporter: you are absolutely right, pat. they got a lot of rain in a short period of time here. they have just condemned this area here, a trailer park here in woodstock. clear lakers a lot of water here. some cars have gotten out, some cars like this one have not. i want to point your attention back to that basketball court back there. they tell me there is at least eight feet of water back there, a lot of these residents are out for the day, up to 40 residents
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have had to go elsewhere. we saw residents out here, wading out to their vehicles. we see this guy have a tough time get out here he was able to get the car out and that was the most important thing. also the other side of town near main street over there. you see this dream here, a lot of folks had a lot of water in their basement, too. you see sump pumps here, people doing whatever they can to get this water out of here. as i mentioned, it happened about 1, 2, 3:00 this morning, as people woke up and started their workweek. they were faced with this standing water. they explained it as something that they aren't too familiar with around here. we also saw has malt crews. we are on the northside of town now and we are told that a lot of the water ended up here and that's why we are seeing a lot of damage here. of course, it's a trailer park and these homes just really aren't made or built to sustain a lot of water. now, coming up tonight at 5:00, we are going to show you some video of what it looked like.
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i mean, the whole main street was covered. we will share that with you coming right up. reporting live here in woodstock, virginia, zachary kiesch. chris, back to you in the studio. >> thanks, zach. the search just ended for a killer in prince george's county. police arrested nelson howard ford in a stabbing case from suitland overnight. investigators think ford knew the victim, william smith. smith was found on huron avenue with multiple stab wounds, but no word yet on a motive. an unsupervised house party, aburg rained one teen found dead. right now, a 16-year-old is at the center of it all, being questioned by police. it all started early friday at a home on sunny chapel road in odin ton, maryland. police say the 16-year-old had a power had party there. hours after the party was over, there was a burglary and the teenager stabbed two of the burglars, 19-year-old jesse rousseau died. a baby is living with his grandparents after police say his mom and dad put him down for the night and walked to a store a while away.
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the couple were arrested last night in brooklyn park maryland. someone who lives with the couple found the baby called 911. a candidate in fairfax county is back on the campaign trail after being attacked by a constituent. kathy smith was campaigning in the century oaks neighborhood last week. she says one of the resident assaulted her because of how she voted on a school boundary change seven years ago. police charged pamela icorn for assault. >> most people are great. even if you disagree with people they will talk to you. nothing like this has ever happened to me and this is my fifth campaign. >> smith wasn't seriously hurt. we called eyecorn to get her statement but she hasn't returned our calls. she is running on the district board of supervisors. an host toric sign at an historic house in virginia is missing this afternoon and our facebook friends on the case. one has stole the sign that stood outside the mary washington house in fredericksburg since at least
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1934. george washington bought the house for his mother in 1772. the house is filled with washington's own furniture and personal possessions. just a couple of hours, people who live and work in the district will get a chance to learn more about the dangerous synthetic drugs. district leaders say synthetic drug use is on the rise and think it is contributing to a spike in crime including a recent deadly stabbing on a metro train. the seventh police district is holding a community meeting about synthetic drugs which starts at 6:30. holding the forum at the campbell ame church on martin luther king avenue in southeast. good news for virginians, especially if you work for the state. new figures out this afternoon show virginia is ending this year with the largest surplus in its history more than half a billion dollars. that means there's enough money to give state worker's pay raise. the surplus comes from income tax revenue that was much higher than expected. iran's closed-door trial of "washington post" reporter jason
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rez zani resumed for a third session today and just like the first two sessions we don't know what happened. iranian law forbids the defense lawyer from talking about the case. the bureau chief has been in jail for nearly a year and facing espionage charges. his wife was arrested with him but iranian officials released her on bail. his mother says iran law requires bail be set for her son. >> it's important that they pay attention to their own law. jason is eligible for bail. every time we have requested for jason to be released on bail, it has been refused. >> advocates for a free press have criticized the charges against him. the secretary of state john kerry has called for rezaian's release. he has separated that from the issue with america. kevin sutherland's body was buried today in connecticut, he grew up there before interning
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and working here in washington. d.c. police say sutherland was stabbed more than 30 times on a train at the noma metro station earlier this month. he was 24 years old. we will have more coverage of his funeral in the next hour. a notorious kingpin now one of the most wanted men in the world again. we go inside the escape of a powerful mexican cartel leader. hello, pluto. why we are on the cusp of seeing space history made tonight. and taylor swift's tour is lighting up concert venues across the country. tonight, it's our turn.
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right now, we are at a muggy 80 degrees, widely scattered
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showers on storm team4 radar and continue to track some showers through the evening and overnight hours and overnight tonight berks can't rule out some heavy rain as well because it is so humid outside. 6:00, temperature around 7 degrees. 10 p.m. temperature around 76 heading to the taylor swift concert tonight, can't rule out a shower at the concert. but severe weather is not in the forecast for tonight. temperatures around 77. for tomorrow, a thunderstorm is possible especially toward the end of the concert, with a temperature of 83. coming up, doug's going to have more on the severe weather potential for tomorrow. there's a chance of rain very early in the day but as we work our way toward the late afternoon and evening hours we could be tracking some strong-to-severe thunderstorms. the latest weather impact the storm does have on you coming up in a little bit chris. thanks acres meal ya. new at 4:00, the united states knew about two plots to help a mexican drug lord break out of prison. the de a first learned about escape plans more than a year ago just after joaquin el chapo
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guzman was captured that plot involved threatening or bribing prison officials. four months later agents learned guzman's son commissioned a team of military personnel to design a breakout plan. turns out, they were building an elaborate mile-long tunnel underneath the prison. and on saturday, el chapo escaped. >> because of building this tunnel probably was between $3 to $5 million, but that was simple nickel and dime change to chapo guzman. >> to be clear, dea information did not have information about saturday night's escape plan. the emotions still running high in south carolina the naacp is now calling for federal probe into a high-profile police shooting. a former police officer in north charleston is charged with murder in the death of walter scott. he is the unarmed black man shot as he ran away from police following a traffic stop in april. the naacp asked the justice department to investigate to determine if officer michael
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slager violated scott's civil rights. and to uncover any patterns of racial bias in the department's practices and use of force. mystery on the sand. what officials are saying about a strange explosion that sent a woman to the hospital. we know about the risk of concussions in football but now, a new study looks at concussions in children who play soccer. well taylor is in town i can tell you, traff
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wisconsin governor scott walker is about to enter the republican presidential race and we are working on getting a copy of the remarks he plans to deliver tonight. right now nbc's edward laurence has details on how walker maps to stand out from the pack. he is live on capitol hill. won't be easy. >> reporter: yeah, good after into, pat. he is going to need to make an impression. there are now 15 republican candidates for president. scott walker has already turned to social media to try to create buzz for his campaign. scott walker is telling voters he could get things done. as governor of business which is, he took on unions eliminating their collective bargaining rights. walker will use that political victory to show voters he can be an effective president. >> the difference between wisconsin and washington is we actually get things done. >> reporter: walker survived a recall election backed by the unions back in 2012.
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he now joins a massive field of republican candidates and told voters in a campaign video he plans to run for president sticking to his principles. >> when acted big, bold reforms took power out of the hands of the big government special interests, gave it to the hard working taxpayers. >> reporter: republican insiders say walker is a viable contender for the republican nomination because he had political challenges and met them. >> those are early tests for anyone who wants to claim they are presidential material he checks those boxes and i think how he responds to that will make a difference for him. >> reporter: the conservative governor waited to officially enter the race until he signed a balanced wisconsin budge neat law sunday. now, he launches himself into a national campaign hoping to rise to the nomination over some big republican names. and walker has already led early iowa bombs.
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he plans to go to haug tomorrow on his way to campaign stops in four other states this week. report living in washington chris back to you. a former sheriff's deputy pleaded not guilty after the he accidentally pulled his gun instead of his taser and killed a man. robert bates is charged with manslaughter for shooting eric harris back in april during an undercover operation in oklahoma. that shooting was captured on an officer's body camera. also learning how bad lay woman was hurt after a mysterious explosion on a beach. but we may never know exactly what caused that blast in rhode island. on saturday, some sort of explosion sent a 60-year-old woman flying through the air. her sister says she was sitting near the rocks when something just blew up. >> there was a massive bang and you actually, physically seen the rocks shift. she was jeektejected forcefully out of her air, four feet and ten feet out. like a live cannon ball. the only way to describe it >> the woman has two cracked ribs and a concussion.
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the state fire marshal says we may never note exact cause but look at the possibility this was some sort of seismic event. the red cross is helping does of people rescued after some scary overnight flood in west virginia. more than four inches of rain fell in less than an hour in mineral wells, west virginia. flash floods started around midnight. the water was chest deep in some places. in others resident also to go to their roofs to wait for rescue. >> wow. we already saw that same sort of flooding in the shenandoah. more rain on the way. >> how much more rain, doug and what about us down here? >> we won't see anything like that in our area. the same system came through shenandoah county earlier rappahannock and culpepper all reporting flooding earlier. right now, things starting to cam a little bit as we make our way through the area. we have seen cloud cover all day. today, the high temperature, only 80 degrees well below the average, winds out of the southeast 3 miles an hour with the cloudy skies.
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as far as the temperatures go, look at the numbers, mid-70s, the most part, the result of the cloud cover and the showers that we have seen today. more showers down to the south for sure, but we are starting to see some, get around the metro region, this channel making its way through baltimore howard county, more down toward the fredericksburg area down toward richmond. these will come in toward southern maryland the next hour and then back to the west, around west virginia, back in toward shenandoah county frederick county, virginia, waiting to see ben these will be making their way on through most like lit next hour or so. nothing heavy right now in our area, only i-95, howard county, only area of heavy rain. most of the showers, charles county, wall cover, quantico, on the right side, should remain that wake heading to the taylor swift concert, good idea to take the umbrella maybe the important choechl don't expect much. see a showers, you will be prepared for t little system that came through our area this morning also watching all the cloud cover around our region and just back to the west, look at this almost a der rich cho
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back to our west. moved through chicago, over 45,000 people without power in indiana and then moving on down. this is not coming our way. this should move just down to our south but it will give us a chance for more showers overnight tonight and help to provide those something else just off the u.s. coastline, we have got a tropical storm, tropical storm claudette formed just during the afternoon today. winds at 50 miles per hour notice that moving away and out to sea, we are not talking about that system but a lot going on in the weather department. future weather showing a few showers around, 8:00, notice back to the west, some are back to 8, we have seen. 11:00 light showers the most part, see potential for heavier showers overnight. by tomorrow morning on the drier side. tomorrow afternoon, again maybe an isolated shower or two with cloud cover tomorrow evening is the best chance for storms not around 7, more like 10, 11:00 for the chance for stronger storm comes to through most of tomorrow looking dry.
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it is going to stay on the hot side. temperatures tomorrow, 88 degrees. again, 50% chance of storms that will be early and again, well late into the day 86 on your wednesday 86 thursday, very nice conditions thursday and friday, low humidity, high temperatures in the mid-80s. >> all right doug. a new study says in south soccer, rough play is riskier than heading a nine-year study looked at high school games and found more than one out of every four concussions happened when players used their heads to hit the ball. however, more than half the concussions took place when players collided not with the ball bus with each other. the study the published in the journal jama pediatrics. one father was this close to a serious head injury when his young son saved the day at a baseball game in san francisco. they had from the row seats along the first baseline and one of the giants lined a ball straight at dad's head, he wasn't paying attention. good thing for him his
4:22 pm
10-year-old son was. john pizzey gloved at the last second, saved his dad and snagged a souvenir as well. moments of panic for an "american idol." how carrie underwood's baby boy ended up locked inside a car. and the biggest star in all of music is here in town tonight. we will help you navigate
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i'm melissa mollet with your first four traffic taylor swift at nats park, tonight sold out, tomorrow night sold out, navy yard and ballpark station, open late there last trains to branch avenue leave 125g9:39 in the morning. all connections to blue, orange and silver lines have to happen in l'enfant plaza. swift is one of the most popular and powerful women in the music business and even members of congress want a pest of the action. >> you can say that again. nbc's luke russert joins us live now on capitol hill. and luke, several members of congress have tailor-made political fund-raisers. it is bipartisan. >> reporter: usually a lot of bad blood between democrats and republicans, but getting together for taylor swift a great equalizer when it comes to bipartisanship in capitol hill. and why?
4:26 pm
she is a huge draw, a lot of politician, ten republican five democrats and three super packs are using her concert as a fund-raising opportunity. for a few thousand bucks go to the taylor swift concert, make a donation to a member of congress or their super pac. and you can get in a wonderful concert experience. now, we talked with a few members of congress and they said, look, they were turned on to taylor swift's music by their children. it's been all the rage in their house for some time. we also have some interesting geographical diversity here in terms of the members of congress. ten republicans, three of those are from tennessee. taylor swift is obviously from nashville, but then you have a democrat from milwaukee, gwen moore, who is in on the action as well. senator john thune he is double dipping. he is having an event for his campaign as well as his pac, a big fan. and taylor swift cuts across party i.d. a lot of democrats love her girl power, sort of feminist lyrics, that type of spirit. a lot of republicans say she is
4:27 pm
the all-american girl with wonderful values we want to teach our children. when it comes to taylor swift, everybody is on the same page and also do very well at the checkbook. guys? >> very true. very true. one of the reasons she sells so much music as well. >> indeed. >> all right. >> thank you, luke. >> take care. well two retail heavyweights are not getting along. they are almost coming to blows. >> and it could benefit you. what walmart is doing to combat big sales offered on amazon this week. continue to work a developing story in shenandoah valley. parts of woodstock flooding after torrential rains. a team of meteorologists
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people are spending date cleaning up in woodstock, virginia, after heavy rain claused major floods and a state of emergency in affect for shenandoah county. residentses of a mobile home park were flooded out of their homes. they are now at an emergency shelter at a nearby middle school, and assisted living facility flooded as well. those folks had to relocate to a hotel. remember you can track storms in your neighborhood in the nbc washington app. turning now to meteorologist amelia segal. what are you seeing on the radar right now? >> pat, right now, tracking some widely scattered showers on the radar. not picking up -- here is the
4:31 pm
latest keeping an eye on this rain back in the panhandle of west virginia and far western maryland. this is generally moving toward the east southeast. also keeping a close eye on this impressive cell in howard county. this is actually moving toward the northeast toward baltimore and then some showers down around the fredericksburg area. a flood warning continues for shenandoah, page, warn, rappahannock and culpepper counties until 5:30 this evening. heavy rains favored these areas and you could continue to deal with some flooding on into the evening hours. future weather keeping mostly cloudy skies in through the evening and overnight hours with some scattered showers. as we look through tomorrow morning, some more scattered showers, potentially some heavy rain could be around, but then tomorrow evening, there is a threat of some strong to severe thunderstorms. doug is going to have your hour by hour planner for your tuesday coming up in a bit, guys. a developing story just in to news4, one of the last
4:32 pm
barriers to military service is about to go away. pentagon officials are finalizing plans to lift the ban on transgender men and women who want to serve. the associated press reports the military has six months to determine the impact and work out some of the details. in the meantime transgender men and women would not be able to join the military. frightening details about a shooting in d.c. that left a man dead. today, we learned a small child was playing just a few feet away when the shots were fired. it happened late last night on third street northeast in an up and coming community near h street. today news4's megan mcgrath talked to residents who heard and saw what happened. >> reporter: a baby pool sits on the front porch of the row home just feet from where a man was murdered last night. arthur roberts' 5-year-old grandson was in that pool when the shots rang out. the child was frightened, but not hurt. when the shooting stopped,
4:33 pm
36-year-old timothy bing lie dead on the ground. >> my daughter say the dude shot three times. then reached down and shot him two more times. so they meant to kill him. >> reporter: it was just after 10:00 in the 900 block of third street northeast. kevin mountain heard the gunshots and ran outside to see what was happening. another neighbor with a medical background came to help. >> he came out. he tried to do what he could, but, again, i mean, it was -- it was pretty obvious that this person was dead. >> reporter: neighbors say the victim lived in the basement apartment of the row home but had only been there a few months. and this happened just a block off the newly revitalized h street corridor. people who live here say it's normally very quiet a great place to live. they are hopeful that police make a quick arrest. in northeast, megan mcgrath, news4. the atf says it is still waiting to learn more about a deadly fire in annapolis that killed six people inside a
4:34 pm
mansion. the reason for the delay? april's violent protests in baltimore. a couple and their four grandchildren were killed in january when a christmas tree caught fire. the atf mapped to release the comprehensive report back in may but said arson and theft investigations in baltimore took priority. city official there is in baltimore say riders damaged nearly 400 businesses back in april but only 24 of the owners applied for the lopes to repair their property much the small business association is running a special program and owners have until february to submit claims. last week, news4 i-team reported the cost to bring in police officers to other departments to deal with those protests now deals with $1.6 million. new numbers say home buying is going down and it could be hurting the economy. millennials aren't buying homes the bay their parents and grandparents did. that's according to a new report from cnbc. the report named three big reasons, first the price of the house can be too much for younger buyers even for a down
4:35 pm
payment. next, millennials may be worried about another housing bubble burst, especially aft american of their parents were victims of last time. and the big reason though student loans are impacting millen yasnials millennials' ability to buy. not only is it eating up their if bus impact what they can borrow for a new home. >> off lot of student debt means you qualify for a student mortgage or maybe don't qualify at all. >> another worrying number, cnbc says about half of millennials are turning to their parents to help them pay their rent or mortgage. you could get some great discount yons line this wednesday thanks to the rivalry between walmart and amazon. walmart is offering big discounts to counter's highly promoted prime day sale. walmart will have 2,000 online rollback deals on electronics, on toys, home products and baby items. beginning today, walmart is lowering its price for free shipping from $50 to $35.
4:36 pm
amazon is trying to increase its prime members ahead of the back-to-school and holiday shopping. comcast is launching a new video streaming service. it will bet lett people watch live tv from a dozen networks using their phones, tablets and laptops. boston, chicago and seattle will get the service this year. everyone else next year. stream is available to comcast internet customers for an extra $15 ant mom comcast nbcuniversal is our parent company. in just a matter of hours, nasa will make space exploration history. the new horizon spacecraft will finish a 9 1/2-year, $3 billion mile journey to pluto tomorrow morning. spacecraft about the size of a granted piano, already sending back amazing pictures. but tomorrow, will get closer than ever to the dwarf planet. >> i think this is a great example of a great society and a
4:37 pm
great nation and what great nations do. and i have to tell you, the data that we are going to produce, in fact the data that we are already producing is a gift for the ages to all mankind. >> after tomorrow morning's fly by new horizons will keep on going to explore dwarf bodies nasa didn't even know existed when it launched the spacecraft. pretty amazing. a mexican drug lord orchestrates a
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welcome back, everybody starting to see a little bit of sunshine every now and then across our region, why temperatures have gone up to 80 degrees. most of us are still in the mid-70s. the radar still looking the shower activity, back toward the west hampshire county, west virginia, back toward grant county, making its way toward frederick county, virginia, as well as shenandoah. more shower activity to the south of fredericksburg, king george county, all into southern maryland heads up charles, st. mary's, calvert counties, see it the next few hours you folks the northern neck. nothing too heavy here but we are dealing with some stray showers. good idea to take the umbrella tonight. talking about the little purse umbrella, for anybody heading down toward the nats park taylor swift concert, take the little umbrella, back pocket, put it in the purse you shouldn't need it all in all i think we will be okay. tomorrow, different story, warm, maybe a shower early tomorrow.
4:41 pm
look during the afternoon, we think the afternoon will be dry, between 12 and 4:00, no problems. warm and humid by 4:00. by 8:00 tomorrow night that's when we expect the scattered showers and possible strong storms to move through 8, 9, 10, 11:00 tomorrow night, most of tomorrow, however, looking dry. amelia segal back in a minute with the rest of the seven-day forecast. >> thanks, doug. this is the first day on a new job for prince william. the duke of cambridge started his first shift as an air ambulance pilot today. he says life on the homefront is going just fine with duchess kate and their new baby princess and her big brother. >> it is more responsibility, looking after two little ones, especially when george is around. he is a little monkey. but, no it's fantastic having a family. i'm so thrilled. >> prince william was asked whether it is difficult to leave his family and go to work and he said, no more than it is for anyone else who has to do that. about a dozen climate change activists climbed a fence at
4:42 pm
heathrow airport today. they are outraged at a proposed airport expansion. the group called plain stupid says they don't want europe's largest airport to even consider adding a new runway. they say expansion will make the air quality even worse and accelerate climate change. police arrested them but both runways were able to stay open the entire time. wisconsin is dealing with some severe flooding issues right now. we have got new video from the midwest as storms clobber the region. a notorious drug lord pulls off an escape so ♪ know you can
4:43 pm
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at least your finances will be easy to control.
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residents have a mess to clean up after severe weather in wisconsin. >> the winds were so powerful, they uprooted trees, knocked down power lines even belt the flag pole outside columbus high school. >> that same system wreaked havoc in indiana earlier today. kait parker with the weather channel joins us from indianapolis. >> reporter: pat, chris goirkt to tell you what behind me, it may look like we have got blue skies, a couple fair weather clouds this morning, a total different story. major system plowed through here, thunderstorm worn warning for downtown rain coming down so intense the lightning out of
4:46 pm
control. that kept rolling south, seeing it impact places farther south, kentucky covered in lightning at this point. see that continue south. but wait there's more. we are seeing all this instability developing we'd clean slate wiped after that first line came through but now we have the clear skies each of these little particles are heating up. going to add to the instability and that means the storm does be intense, could be severe, talking about northern indiana, indianapolis brrks i'm located damaging winds once again, see a bit of a bow echo form, which would mean we have those winds pushing out along those lines. we could have brief spin up of tornadoes, see supercells develop and those could rotate and have tornadic development out of that. not to mention bev the flood risk because a tremendous amount of rainfall expected in the soil
4:47 pm
already saturated from earlier today. so amelia, i got to tell you what pretty intense double whammy here, waiting for the next round in indianapolis. >> absolutely. and we are looking at the potential for severe weather in our area tomorrow evening. the greatest risk is heavy rain. we have so much rain lately that any additional rainfall could lead to some flooding concerns, some high winds producing potentially some wind damage. can't rule out a tornado and maybe some hail. again that would be tomorrow evening. here are your weather headlines scattered rain likely i think during the early morning hours. that could impact the morning commute. coming home for the most part tomorrow i think you're going to be okay, but once you get home that we will be tracking some thunderstorms on storm team4 radar and looking ahead to the rest of the workweek right now, thursday and friday are looking great not only dry, but a break from the humidity. storm team4 radar tracking some areas of rain right now, so, some scattered showers during
4:48 pm
the evening hours, otherwise 80 degrees now seeing limited sunshine break out around the district. it is muggy now and will be humid tomorrow. rain chances mainly during the morning hours about 40 to 50%. as we get into the evening hours, the best chance of a time period that you will be dealing with rain and thunderstorms. notice this line future weather, 8 p.m., impacting the i-81 corridor. moves through the district about 10, 11 p.m., and clears the area around midnight, notice the bright colors here, heavy rain potentially lots of lightning and strong, gusty winds. highs tomorrow generally in the mid to upper 80s, high in washington, 88 degrees. lure ray 85, culpepper, 89. only limited sunshine in the forecast for tomorrow. maybe a shower east of i-95 on wednesday, but most of us are dry. clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine and lowering humidity throughout the day. wednesday evening looking quite nice a high of 86.
4:49 pm
thursday and friday, two spectacular days highs in the mid to upper 80s. on saturday, we will start off dry, but by the late after into and evening hours, some thunderstorms are possible. some thunderstorms possible on sunday, but not a complete washout this weekend. what we are definitely going noticing, the temperatures, low to middle 90s, high hughawaiiigh humidity, temperature of 94. south carolina has removed the last reminder of the confederate flag at the state house. workers broke up the concrete slab that held the flag pole and carried away the pieces. the pole itself and the fence around it have already been removed last friday. governor nikki haley says the area will look like it did 15 years ago before the flag was placed behind the confederate memorial. we are learning more about why the smithsonian says it will continue to display bill cosby's private art collection. the smith soap yap's
4:50 pm
undersecretary for art tells the ap the museum is deeply disturbed and disappointed about the allegations but says the exhibit -- is about the artists, not about cosby. the smithsonian told the associated press cosby helped to pay for the exhibition a $716,000 gift. that decision comes as a a lot of schools and companies are distancing themselves from cosby over allegations that he repeatedly drugged and raped women. ever since singer carrie underwood tweeted about locking her baby in the car, a lot of fans, especially mothers, have been tweeting about it, too. many say it's proof it can happen to anyone. underwood's 4-month-old son isaiah and her dogs, were accidentally trapped inside a car last saturday. fortunately, no one was injured. afterward, the country star tweeted, when your dogs manage to lock themselves all your stuff and the baby in the car and you have to break a window to get in #what are the chances. she later tweeted it was
4:51 pm
actually her brother-in-law who smashed the window. experts say children get locked in cars thousands of times every year. >> especially all the new electronic key fobs and everything. >> a reason to be extra careful. >> that's right. the gay men's chorus of washington is making an historic visit to cuba. >> and hopes are high. 20 members of the group have arrived in havana. they got there yesterday. they will perform in a dozen concerts during their one-week visit. it is the first visit to cuba. >> as the gay men's chorus one of the things we hope to achieve when we come here is just connect with the people and to -- to learn from each other because we think we can break down a lot of stereotypes that are both cross-cultural in the u.s./cuban relations as well as the lgbt stereotype. >> the group sang several american classics during a performance yesterday including "over the rainbow" and "true colors." we are working several developing stories in our newsroom, including an arrest in a deadly stabbing out at
4:52 pm
suitland. nelson howard ford is expected to be charged with first-degree murder. police think he knew his victim. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins has been talking to neighbors a live report in ten minutes. i'm darcy spencer outside maryland live casino in anne arundel county. a virginia couple believes that they were followed home from the casino to their home in fairfax county around midnight saturday night. the 66-year-old victim was able to make it all the way to the from the door but then a woman came from behind and grabbed a purse right out of her hands with her winnings and her cell phone. the 66-year-old victim ran after the woman who got in a car. other family members chased the car as well. in the process, the victim was shot and wounded. coming up on news4 at 5:00, your going to hear from the victim's son. he describes what they did to try to stop this robbery and why he believes his parents were targeted. one of the world's most
4:53 pm
dangerous drug dealers still at large. our first look at the highly sophisticated tunnel he used in an expensive escape. a sailor and his dog stranded at sea. how they survived
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
a sailing trip turned treacherous for man and his dog and they ended up drifting three days in the gulf of mexico. but get, this the sailor didn't call for help until his boat caught fire on the third day.
4:56 pm
he got his dog into a dinghy and on sunday, the coast guard arrived and saved them. >> i saw the smoke, so i knew what we were looking for. so that made it easier. >> with one of our concerns is how big is the dog? is it going to be a problem? is it going to freak out on you it is a very small dog i just told him to hold on tight to t >> the man was sailing from new orleans to tampa when his boat broke down near clearwater. the rescue team says they didn't know why he didn't call for help earlier. now to two failed rescue attempts in the florida everglades. an air boat ran aground saturday with a man, woman and child aboard. they called friends to come help them and the friends ran out of gas. they called more friends to help and the third air bolt got stuck looking for the first two the broward county sheriff's office ended up having to airlift 11 people out of the glades. the notorious drug lord
4:57 pm
joaquin guzman is wanted for crimes throughout the u.s. and drug enforcement agents are said to be furious he escaped from prison in mexico on saturday. as nbc's mark potter reports it is clear that el chapo had a lot of help. >> reporter: this is the prison where he escaped. this is a maximum security prison. he got out of here on saturday going through a tunnel. the tunnel is on the other side of the prison and what we saw and what we came to appreciate was just how long that tunnel is. on the other side of the prison, some fields over there, pastures, there's a low-lying house not fully built standing alone. from there they dug down, authorities say and across that field, past a big tree and kept going and going until they finally, about a mile awake got to the prison wall, went under the prison wall and somehow had the wherewithal, the knowledge the equipment, to come up exactly in joaquin guzman's cell. in fact in the shower stall in the cell where the cameras that
4:58 pm
covered that area didn't show being talked about in the united states as well as it is here. they had to have had help inside this prison. and how did they do all that digging into the prison all that time without being detected? how did they next actually where to go? how did they know the camera ranges? all of that suggests that there was inside help. >> hard to imagine this happening without government officials being involved. the big question mark is how high up does this go? >> reporter: this was not a fly by night operation, this was a mining operation, a months-long operation. mark porter nbc news, near mexico city news4 at 5 starts now with jim and pat. right now at 5, water everywhere, relentless rain leads to disastrous flooding in virginia and track morgue rain this week. a growing effort to take down more than the flag. we are live with the new confederate controversy that could force local schools to
4:59 pm
change names. a lawsuit tied to a deadly underground incident even though a woman wasn't injured. gentleman no criminal charges for now a high-profile fairfax county inmate death. i'm scott macfarlane at the live desk. police announced they completed their investigation into natasha mckenna's death inside the fairfax county jail. mckenna was shocked with a stun gun multiple times while shackled as she resisted efforts to move her from her cell during a jail transfer february 3rd. five days later, she died. fairfax county police now turning the case over to the common beth's attorney to determine if any criminal charges will be filed. and medical examiner's report previously ruled mckenna's death was accidental. important to note here that the sheriff's office is in charge of the jail, not fairfax county police. we will keep following the story but for now, at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. a developing story in prince george's county tonight where in the last hour, police have announced an arrest in a deadly
5:00 pm
stack. >> the victim found outside in an area where folks have worked hard to make their communities safer. county bureau chief tracee wilkinsness is live at police headquarters. >> reporter: it was a cold-blooded murder this morning. police are making an arrest, questioning the suspect as we speak and what we have learned is the motive here was an argument. # prince george's county police say nelson ford stabbed and killed willard smith of district heights, happened at 2 a.m. in the 4700 block of huron avenue in suitland. someone called 911. >> found the victim decedent laying outside on the ground with a stab wound. >> reporter: ford was quickly taken into custody after police spotted him near the crime scene. >> right now the detectives are still talking to the suspect at this time. >> reporter: no word if a weapon was recovered. police asked if the victim knew his attack but respect saying how the two were quainted. as the sun rose this


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